Parenthood, Actually: Granny-Nanny, the Translator

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My grandparents have such a special place in my heart, which is one of the reasons I work so hard to make sure our sons have adequate time with their numerous grandparents. That's why I adored this piece by Granny Nanny. As her name explains, she watches her grandson during the day, and in doing so she gets to know the nuances of his developing vocabulary. Such a treat for a grandparent!


Charlie: KSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSX (this is a code wordbanana for “Sid the Science Kid,” his favorite and one and only TV show. It actually sounds like he’s gargling on the sides of his mouth. This verbal maneuver is virtually impossible for a grown-up to duplicate).

Grandma: I know you want to see Sid the Science Kid, but he is not on TV right now.

Charlie: (repeating his code word then making his case): SXKSXK SXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSXKSX DADTAGADGADGDAGAGDDAGAGD

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Photo Credit: keepon.

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