Parenthood, Actually: Reviving Ophelia

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The relationship between mother and daughter is difficult at times. One day it's as easy as kissing a boo-boo and, in the blink of an eye, we don't believe that our mothers can help us anymore. Cat of Taxidermy Worms dealt with these issues in a big way and her post is a tribute to the hard, dog-days of motherhood. It's hard, it's in your face but it's amazing.

Tough As Nails:

Reviving OpheliaOver the next few visits we slowly verbalized word by word the stories of other adolescent girls struggling in ways similar and all-together different than I was. The pages of that copy of Reviving Ophelia are stained with tears and tinged with the soreness of healing even now. As the days went on we paused and added a few words of our own here and there; "that's how I feel" and "what do you think of this?". Soon we were talking more and reading less. It wasn't a cure, but it was a start.

Read the rest to see how Cat's mom saved her life.

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