Parenting Adult Kids


Once they leave home you aren't done.  The life of a mother of grown children is different but always interesting.  Your life changes and their life changes and its always interesting.  Letting go but always being there takes a special juggling act that is far different than the way things were when they were home.

I have three out on their own and two left at home right now.  It still keeps me on my toes 24/7.  Sometimes its so much more challenging because I don't have control like I did when they were younger.  I have to walk a tighter rope.  When they hurt, you hurt; but you can't fix it.  Sometimes you know they are headed the wrong way but you have to let it go and just be there when it goes bad.  Like in love. 

You can't always solve their problems for them, because they have to learn.  But you hate to see them struggle.  It's so hard being the parent of adult children.  You aren't "done" by any means.  You become more of a friend but you are still a parent.  You talk and advise and guide, but you have much less control and can't lay down the law like when they were young.  The best you can do is advise and suggest.  Hope that they will use the good guidance you've given them and make the right choices.  Most of the time they will.  Sometimes they just have to learn things the hard way and the best you can do is let them. 





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