Parenting: PROM, Photos and the Internet

Prom conjures up so many old memories: the beautiful gowns, hair, bright blue or green tuxes, theme song..ours was Smokey Robinson's Being With You. If I need a good smile, the 3"x 3" color photo with white border to remind me of that "milestone" event.

FAST FORWARD 28 YEARS, now as my daughter readies for her prom, difference in our worlds show parenting challenges...the first 7 don't get me too concerned but 8-10 certainly ignite a HIGH ALERT!

Differences between 1981 & 2009
1. Music: THEN - Barry Manilow  NOW - Taylor Swift

2. Dress: THEN - Wore my sisters, little skin showing NOW - Hollywood Glam Style

3. Hair: THEN - Washed and dried NOW - Stylist

4. Location: THEN - High School gym NOW - Museum

5. Transportation: THEN - Dad's car NOW - Limo

6. Pre-Party dinner: THEN - None NOW - nice restaurant

7. Post Party: THEN - not often NOW - Parent chaperoned

8. Photos: THEN - Polaroid Photos NOW - Digital: cameras, cell, video

9. Photo sharing: THEN - at home a week later NOW - Instantly added to Facebook, myspace, and flickr to millions.

10. Parent fear: THEN - drunk > car crash NOW - car crash, pregnant, video internet

FYI, Daniel Solove's book, The Future of Reputation, GOSSIP, RUMOR, AND PRIVACY ON THE INTERNET is available FREE here.  It's a great read whether you are a parent or not.

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