Parenting Teens: Thong Underwear?

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I saw this interesting discussion about teenage daughters and thong underwear and wondered what the BlogHer community would say.

To summarize, the step-mother and father of an almost 17-year-old girl don't like how the girl dresses. In particular, they believe that thong underwear makes her look easy. The mom of the girl's boyfriend bought her thong underwear ... there's much discussion within the thread about whether that was appropriate and how to handle it with the boy's mom, which I understand.

What I don't really understand is taking a stand against thong underwear in the first place. She's almost 17; shouldn't she be able to choose which underwear she wants to wear in the first place?

Thong Poll

Your 16-, almost 17-year-old daughter, wants to wear thong underwear. Do you ...

1) Buy them for her?
2) Tell her that you won't buy them but she can spend her own money on them?
3) Put your foot down and say HECK NO?

Tell me what you think.

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