Just When You Think You Understand Parenting...

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[Editor's Note: I've learned that just when I think I understand this parenting thing, my kids go and change and throw a wrench in the works. Bobbie at The Clumsy Crafter spent a Sunday at a parenting class and came out feeling refreshed, only to live through "On of Those Days" on the parenting front. I love how she didn't let the in the trenches day of parenting throw her though and her post is an inspiration to any parent trying to make sense of it all. -Jenna]


Here’s what I’ve learned about parenting in the last 6 years; No one is right. There is not a cookie cutter step by step way that is going to work for every single parent and every single child out there. Everyone is different. Children are different, adults are different. Our schedule and our model of discipline may not work for a family that has working parents with crazy hours. Our hours are the same day in and day out so a strict set schedule works for us.

So how can you learn what is best for your family when no one is right? By taking the little tidbits of knowledge from different people and tying them into your family life. If we see something that works and that we like, we’re going to modify it into our family.

Are we the best parents? Was that my kid at Walgreens throwing the largest temper tantrum known to man? Or was it my child that didn’t like what I served her for dinner tonight and told me she was going to dump mud into my meal? We’ll let that question answer itself.

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