Parents Just Don't Understand

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The other day I got an email from the school district calling for an urgent meeting:


Subject: VHS Dance Discussion

All Welcome to Attend

A meeting for Islanders to discuss and develop alternatives to "grinding" at VHS dance will be held. The meeting will focus on complimentary activities, dance and music options, successful changes in other districts.

Okay. I get it. Nobody wants to think of their 15-year-old daughter shaking her moneymaker on the dance floor. Grinding is a little different then say, the Rock Lobster, which was big when I was in high school. But clearly, these people don't know how to deal with teenagers. Anytime you say "ban," these kids are gonna revolt. C'mon people! Choose your battles! Know your audience! They are not going to want to line dance (yes, it was suggested) or salsa dance (that one, too). Last time I checked, a "do si do' did not go with Soulja Boy Tell 'em. Thinking back on the history of dance moves, I personally have always thought the Macarena should have been banned. I mean, if you are going to start with something obscene, start with that one. But apparently, I live in Footloose land and the topic of concern is not the school budget crisis or advancing curriculum -- it is whether or not the kids should be allowed to grind. And apparently, no matter what side of the fence I am on, I am a fuddy duddy, once again:

Me: Paige, did you hear about that parent meeting?

Paige: You mean the one about "grinding?"

Me: Yeah, that one. Do kids "grind" at the dances?

Paige: Pshaw! Mom, everyone grinds. That what us young'uns do.

Me: Like guy and girl? Or girl on girl?

Paige: EVERYONE GRINDS. Guy on guy, girl on girl, girl on guy -- EVERYONE.

Me: But you don't grind, do you?

Paige: I said EVERYONE grinds. That's how we dance. But we are boycotting the dances from now on, because they won't let us dance the way we want to.

Me: Oh really?

Paige: They don't get it. It's either let us grind, or we are going to go to parties and get drunk and then grind. And then they'll lose out on the money from the dances.

Me: I see. You are going to parties and getting drunk to protest?

Paige: WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT? You just don't understand!

Clearly, she doesn't realize that I am from the Footloose generation. I UNDERSTAND. 


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