Parents vs. The Public: An Ongoing Battle That Needs to End


There is a story going around the internet about a Chicago chef at a 3-star restaurant who tweeted about an 8 month old baby disturbing his customers. Here is the link if you want to read it:

Of course, like wildfire both sides of the Parents vs. Public war started their attack.  So, what do I, a mother of 3 young children, think of this?  In this case, I think the parents made a bad choice, but in general, here is my response to both sides.

Dear Public: Let's get real here! You have gotten out of control in complaining about babies and kids disrupting you in PUBLIC places. I'm not talking about upscale restaurants or movies (PG13+) that young children clearly don't belong.  I'm talking about places like airplanes, kids movies, family restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and much more! Too many times lately I have seen/experienced in person or on the internet a case of someone getting upset about a crying baby or screaming toddler bothering them in one of these places and frankly it's ridiculous.  Do you honestly think that the parents of the baby/kid want them disrupting you?  Or better yet, do you think they went their with the pure goal of having to dealing with a screaming child?

  If so, you obviously know nothing about being a parent or children at all.  Here's a well-known fact: Babies and children have immature brains.  And due to their immature brains, they can't communicate or control their emotions like adults.  Now, maybe you think the parents should just leave the store immediately or never take their babies/toddlers on airplanes.  Well, that's where you are stepping over the line.  YOU don't have any more right to be at the store than the parents. If you don't want babies and toddlers disrupting your flight or grocery store trip, then take all that energy you spend giving the poor parents the evil eye or even worse saying something nasty to them about their child, and PUT IT TOWARDS GETTING RICH! That way, you and your oversize ego can take a personal jet everywhere and hire someone to do your shopping.  If you don't have a way to do this, I suggest you shut up and deal with it. Better yet, why don't you try a little bit harder to be a decent human being and give the parents a quick understanding smile.  Now, naturally, there are always parents who don't discipline their children, but like anything in life, you can't take the minority and apply it to the majority. MOST parents don't want their children acting that way, especially in public, but they also need to visit their family or get a gallon of milk and shouldn't be scorned for it.  If none of this matters to you and you still aren't convinced, then just think of it this way.  You were once a baby and toddler and it's very likely you had at least one (probably a dozen) crying fits or temper tantrums in public.  How would you want other people treating your parents? Personally, this guy sets a pretty high bar:

To the Parents: First off, yes you have a right to bring your children almost anywhere. BUT....let's be real. Babies and children under a certain age don't belong in fancy restaurants or movies (PG-13+). This is one of the many sacrifices you make when deciding to have children.  Babysitter cancels last minute? Then you stay home with your child and reschedule. Trust me, I know how hard it is to schedule a date night, but I also know that if I'm spending a pretty penny on a plate of food and I'm expecting a romantic evening with my spouse, I DO NOT want to hear a baby crying through the whole meal! Sorry, I have 3 kids under the age of 5 and I still don't want to hear it. Do I think you are a bad parent because of it? Absolutely not! What I think is that you made a error in judgement in deciding to bring the baby and in turn everyone in the restaurant got a evening full of screaming they didn't anticipate. Likely some of them were on their one date night a month/year. You have to think about it this way: If you would be annoyed that a child was disrupting you in a particular place, then you shouldn't bring your own there.  And don't try to say you wouldn't be bothered if an infant cried through the entire showing of Catching Fire, because even if you say that out-loud, you know deep down you would! If you want this war with the public to end, you need to do your part and make smart decisions on where it's appropriate to bring your young children.

In conclusion, I am not taking sides here, just giving my honest opinions into this war of Public vs. Parents.  So, let's all make better selfless decisions in our approach to it and the world will be a better, happier place!


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