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FashionTuesday, April 7, 2009

The Paris House Loves Fashion

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Chic is where you find it!- Bonnie Cashin
"I love fashion, I love everything about it" When I get up in the morning I can decide "who" I want to be that day: cute, high fashion Parisian woman, grungy, chic, English gardener in my wellies. It always changes and always depends on my mood.
You don't need to change your style on a daily basis to look great, I just like to create something 24 hours a day. You do however need to find clothes and a style that flatter your figure and work with your lifestyle. If this is not something you are comfortable with then it would be a wise investment to hire a personal stylist to help you sort through your closet and weed out what doesn't work and shop for some basic staples that will work for years to come (I could recommend a good image consultant). Cut out pictures that you like from various fashion magazines. If you are over forty, try More Magazine they have beautiful clothes that are stylish and yet appropriate, although I am a true believer that if it looks good and you are in great shape wear whatever you want for as long as you can. I'd rather see a 50 year old hot woman in a bikini than a 25 year old that has no business wearing one.
Ladies, the times They Are A Changing!! So take a little time to put on some mascara, a little lipstick a cute pair of shoes. I wear dresses a lot, for me it is much easier, with three kids, I don't always have a lot of time to think about what I am wearing. A dress is one thing, it is that easy!! Tory Burch is a great designer that creates beautiful sporty casual dresses. It doesn't get much easier than pulling one item of clothing over your head and looking great!! There are days I only have time for lipstick and no other makeup. Lipstick, a dress, a cute pair of shoes/boots, an all over beautifully scented body lotion and a pretty haircut or an adorable ponytail and you are good to go and more beautiful than ever!! Combine this routine with a little exercise and there will be no stopping you!!!
I also love fitness! Everything I do, really starts with exercise. In order for me to be healthy, happy, care for my three sons, be a wife, creative person and all the other endless things I have to do in the course of the day, sometimes not stopping for 20 hours straight!! I need my hour of excersise every morning and when I take this time, often the only time I have for myself, I feel like I can rule the world. It doesn't mean I don't get sick every now and then, but I can honestly say I rarely ever get tired. I know this is from a lifetime of fitness and good nutrition. If fitness and healthy living is not a part of your life, then please, I urge you to see your doctor and find a fitness plan best suited for you. I promise you it will change your life. This isn't about being the next swimsuit cover model, ( but who knows, maybe you will be) it is about living the one life we have the best we can. There are no guarantees in life, but you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take care of yourself. Being fit is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself!!
We have added a “Wellness” section to our fashion, beauty and fitness page. To us Wellness is living beautifully starting on the inside first. Each month we will add special little quotes and sayings that inspire us, helpful healthy tips and anything we feel will help us all achieve “Wellness” in our lives.
Today treat everyone you come in contact with ... with kindness
I was recently watching a movie when one of the actors said
Today treat everyone you come in contact with, no matter who they are, if you love them or hate them, like they will be dead by midnight, and treat them with kindnessTry and do that for an entire day and then try it for two days, who knows it just might be contagious and before you know it only kind things will come from your mouth. I'm going to give it try!!!
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