What’s Pars3c about?

Space – the human kind, the robotic kind, the star kind. Just whatever strikes my fancy each day. Being a Canadian there will be the obligatory CanCon stuff as well, so you’ll see references to Canadarm and Dextre and Marc Garneau and the like. 


How do you pronounce Pars3c?
Like this: “PAR-seck”.  A parsec is a measuring stick in astronomical terms: about 3.26 light years, actually. Hence the warped “e”.


Why does this blog exist?
The selfish reason – it’s tough to get space stories in the mainstream media, and I wanted a regular outlet for my passion.

The unselfish reason – to connect more with the interesting space folks I’ve met through Twitter. To learn from them by writing and researching and interviewing, and to bring that knowledge to my readers. 


Who are you?
Elizabeth Howell, a proudly Canadian award-winning journalist and space geek. I’ve watched three shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center press site, sat in the simulators at the Johnson Space Center and interviewed most of Canada’s astronaut corps.

I’m a staff web writer for CTV Ottawa and previously was on staff for the Ottawa Business Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the Globe and Mail. Plus I’ve freelanced for several publications in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. 


Where can I find you?
info [at] pars3c [dot] com