Part 1 - Leavin' on a Jet Plane

o I went to New York City and I returned in one piece!

Well, mostly.

I returned with a full digital camera, a bunch of souvenirs, a powerful need to hug my husband and an incredible relief to fall asleep in my own bed.

In any case, let's backtrack through this vaguely chronologically, shall we? I'm not going to promise complete accuracy; you know me, readers. You know accuracy isn't always my strong point.


Pretty pictures!

Which I must warn you, there are going to be a lot of them.

Hence this being only the first installment.

So, let's start at the very beginning, and I promise not to start singing that song from The Sound of Music. I'm thinking about it, though.

I, of course, wore my good luck charm, a Christmas present from my sister... if you couldn't tell.

I was seated with my sister-in-law, Hunter, and my... aunt-in-law... Gena (I'm not sure how the naming system works with that stuff). Monica, Gena's oldest daughter, was going to meet us at La Guardia airport when we landed, since her plane was schedule to land roughly around the same time (she flew from Charleston, we flew from Charlotte-which, hey, now I've visited Charlotte! So that's something).

I sent two text messages in this time: one to my mom reminding her how much I hate planes (note: I hate them a lot) and one to a good friend of mine asking him to remind me just how safe planes are supposed to be (note: very safe).

It being April 1, we had a flight attendant who was a one-man comedy show, which was mostly amusing. It did not, however, amuse a woman across the aisle from me, a quintessential New Yorker who was pretty mad by the end of the flight and pretty vocal about it. We did end up a little delayed in landing, but not too bad.

Hunter took this photo for me when we first broke cloud cover.

and she took this one for me as we were coming into La Guardia.


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