Part 15, My Best Friend Forever

Hey readers!!! Welcome to another Storytime Sunday :) I know that this portion of the story isn't about dealing with sexual assault but there is a reason for it. Keep up with the reading and it will all become clear! Thanks for the support :)


 No one else has affected me the way his death has besides one other person. My second semester my freshman year at college, I met my best friend. Her name was Jill. There is no easy way to describe how amazing she is. She was outgoing, funny, smart, kind, and just overall amazing. She was a wonderful person and I am so very lucky and thankful that she was a part of my life, even if it was only for a brief time. She died only five years after we had met. We had met through a mutual friend who had suggested that we become roommates. We had only hung out a couple times, but we agreed that it would be a good idea, especially since my current roommate really didn't seem to like me too much. I asked her what she thought and she said “Sure!!! I'll have my boyfriend get his car and help you move your things.” All I had asked is what she thought of the idea, not that I was for sure about it. I'm so glad that I did though. Jill and I got along so well. Within the first couple of nights, we had a heart to heart session and talked about our childhoods. We got to know each other really well that night. I told her about my childhood and she told me about hers. She told me about how she used to be very popular and picky about who she was friends with until she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. She told me that while she was in the hospital, none of her friends came to visit her. I'm not sure what kind of cancer she had, but she did tell me that it was a rare cancer that she was not expected to recover from. She sure proved them wrong. Her cancer had gone into remission and all she had left over from the cancer was a shunt in her head to help keep the fluids flow from her brain.

However, once she returned to school, all of her friends were different towards her. None of them would talk to her or wanted to play with her. They were young and didn't realize that cancer wasn't contagious. She was a very lonely child and not fair for her to deal with after conquering cancer. She said she was lucky to meet a couple good friends who got her through grade school. She had a blast in high school and ended up becoming a very confident and wonderful young woman. She told me she was grateful for the experience because it made her realize that people are cruel and helped her become the kind and caring person she was, but she also hated that it happened to her. I thought it was so strange that she was more upset about the fact children didn't want to play with her than the actual experience of having cancer, but she told me she didn't even really remember much from that time. Just that her family was with her all the time and was always in the hospital. I was amazed that she had gone through so much at such a young age. She felt the same about my past, but also thought we had suffered the same amount, even with our different situations. I didn't agree but I didn't argue either. I was just thankful to have such a strong person by my side.

From that night on, no one could pull us apart. We were best friends and no one was going to come in between us. Every free moment we had was spent together. We ate almost every meal together and spent way more time together than anyone should with another human being. She protected me and gave me everything that she could. She even defended me to anyone who talked badly about me, even her older sister who had given her a warning upon announcing to her we were friends. Her sister, Amy, said that she shouldn't be friends with me because it would be committing social suicide if she did. That is a direct quote. Only because I had attempted suicide at a cast party, which I didn't even think anyone knew about. Amy judged me off the bat when she had no idea what I was going through. She didn't take the time to ask why I felt like I needed to try and kill myself. I had aborted my pregnancy only two months before and needed help, but no one wanted to be my friend so I didn't see a way out. All anyone did was judge me instead of getting to know me.

Not even a month after the attempt is when I met Jill. She was the older sister that I never had, which is funny because she was 4'10” and looked like she was about 12 years old because of the chemotherapy she had when she was 10. She always spent money on me, too. Sometimes it was on clothing, movies, or presents, other times it was on food. I always felt bad and wondered why she bought me things all the time, but all she said was, “No one has ever done these things for you and I want to be that person.” I didn't feel right letting her do it, but wouldn't let me say no. She was way more stubborn than I am, which is saying something. I felt terrible because I could never really return the favor. I tried to, but it was more difficult for me because I was always short on money. I was able to buy her stuffed animals for her birthday and Christmas once in awhile and she always loved them, but it was never the same to me. She took care of me, and was always there for me in a way that no one else had been, and no one else ever will be. 


Thanks for sticking with it :) I hope you enjoyed this portion of Storytime Sunday!!! Until next time, readers!!! :)


-River Rei Hayden

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