Part 6, the Juicy stuff

A week later, I was over at his apartment. We were watching a movie and he would not stop trying to touch me. I got so annoyed with him that I finally just gave in and let him take my shirt off. Bad idea number two. By letting him do that and deciding to not feel anything, it gave him the window to have his way with me. I never said no that night, besides the fact I was pushing his hands away right away so I don't even know if this situation would be considered rape. I told him to stop trying to touch my breasts at the start but he wouldn't. And I gave into his advances. I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for that. Mainly because that gave him an opening.

The next night I was hanging out with him again. I figured he got what he wanted and he would be more relaxed and not so pushy. We were watching the Prestige. He started kissing my neck to try and get me in the mood, but I was still very uncomfortable from the night before, so I asked him to stop and just cuddle with me so we could watch the movie. He agreed, but not five minutes later he was kissing my neck again. This time though, he picked me up and took me into his bedroom. He placed me onto his bed and was on top of me. I tried pushing him off of me and away but he was a lot stronger than I had anticipated. I didn't even know he could pick me up at all. He was trying to take off my shirt while I tried to keep it held down. I kept saying no. It wasn't loud, more of a whisper almost, but I said it loud enough for him to hear it. I repeated it over and over while he got my shirt off and started to pull my pants off of my body. I tried to fight and get him to stop but he must have thought I was just playing because he kept pulling at my clothing. After he got my jeans off, I was trying to keep my legs together but he was stronger than me...pulling my legs apart and situating himself between my legs. I kept saying no and pushing him, but he wouldn't budge. He even tried to handcuff my hands to the headboard. I was able to move around so much that he gave up, but it wasn't enough for him to stop.


Until next time faithful readers :) Thank you for sticking with me!


-River Rei Hayden

"The night is long that never finds the day." - Shakespeare

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