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I stated recently on the Withywindle Blog that I've decided to join The Compact for 2012. The Compact states that you will buy nothing new for an enitre year. There are exceptions of course - mine are food, household consumables, undergarments and emergency repair materials for the house. Otherwise I (and my family) will try to borrow, re-purpose or buy second-hand anything we find we need this year.

Part of my desire to do this stems from wanting to just stop getting stuff I don't need. And to take a closer look at the things I think I do need, and discover if they are really needs or just wants. And if they're wants, can I do without them? 

Another part of the Compact for me is to thumb my nose at commercial America. When I started considering the project back in November, I was startled to discover how many different ways companies are trying to get us to buy stuff. Some of it is surprisingly subtle, but most is overt - I just never really thought about it before. 

But on the whole, my husband and I are trying to simplify our lives and clear out the clutter of our house. Everything from toys to books to clothes to random stuff gathering dust - it's a great feeling to see it go out the door. The Compact is a wonderful tool to help us along this road. I'm quite curious to see if there are any major changes in our house by the time we're finished with the year.

Have you made any decisions to reduce your consumption this year? I love hearing stories of folks not buying new clothes or make-up or books or whatever works for them. 

Cynthia Menard
Withywindle Blog

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