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You asked for it, you got it: We invite you to tune in Monday, when BlogHer hits the Democratic National Convention in Denver (Aug. 25-28) and, later, the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul (Sept. 1-4).

At your recommendation, BlogHer will send partisans to the conventions -- lefties to blog the left, righties to blog the right.

Why? Our goal is to cut through all the partisan bickering and negativity, and instead to focus on deeper policy issues (and arguments) within each party, and the business of getting a candidate elected. Don't worry -- we will have fun, as Commenter HeidiChick suggested. (Even as I type, Erin and Maria are RSVP-ing to the Vanity Fair party at the DNC.)

But we also plan to get far beyond the "cocktail party view" that Commenter Adriennevh wants to avoid, and deep into the business of what American women want from their next president. Because, hey, we don't all vote alike.

Who will be able to keep her head on straight amongst the spin and show us why people feel so passionately about these candidates -- from the inside? As someone who has covered party conventions as a journalist, I can tell you it's hard--but I think we're on the right track with these teams. We'll link blog their daily agenda and blog-reporting from, as well as those of many other BlogHer Contributing Editors who will weigh in from their living rooms and highlights from the hundreds of women listed in BlogHer's Guide to Political Blogs. Here's who's going:

Denver: Aug 25-28

Erin Kotecki Vest: Why Women Need To Be OK With Kaine As The Country's Next VP
Maria Niles: Racial Politics: What's The Obama Marriage Got To Do With It?
Special guest editor Becky Carroll from the Obama campaign: Why I'm a woman for Obama
Bonus! Coloradoan ClizBiz will join us to take photos!

Minneapolis-St. Paul: Sept. 1-4

American Princess: Go Joe!...?
Backyard Conservative: No more pie?
Special guest editor Liz Mair from the McCain campaign: Talking small business

Please join us over the weekend as we pursue the Veepstakes, and Monday as we dig in to interviews and special events. Here's the starter list of questions our DNC team has. How would you improve it?

1. How can this candidate get elected? 
2. What is the most important thing this candidate should focus on to win the majority of women's votes in this election? 
3. Policy question of the day
Monday: Health care:  Which candidate's health care plan will insure the most women and children, and why? What are the pitfalls of each? How will (candidate's plan) take care of people who are currently relying on programs like Medicaid and MediCal? (Hat-tip: Sarah Somers)
Tuesday: Equal pay for women, taxes: Women represent the majority of voters and, in many industries, the workforce. Will [candidate] help women earn a better wage? Will women be paying higher or lower taxes -- at home AND at work -- in four years? Will (candidate) raise or lower taxes? (Hat-tip: Shannon, Rocks in my dryer)
Wednesday: Economy: We have such economic issues this year: a war being run on deficit spending, the mortgage crisis, a looming recession, millions of uninsured Americans, rising prices. What specific policies do you see [candidate pursuing] that you think are the solution to these economic problems? Will we be better off in four years? (Hat-tip: Virginia DeBolt)
Thursday: Iraq: How will (candidate's) leadership in Afghanistan and Iraq differ from the current administration's? Economically speaking, how are we going to A, continue to pay for this war and B, recover, from what another blogger, Snigdha Sen, is calling a "disaster, " economically?
Friday: Leadership: Why should (candidate) be the leader of the free world? Where will we be in four years? 

Join us!


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