Party Like It’s 1929

In the spirit of the times rather than the season, why not throw a Recession Rager? If you’re as bitter as I am, you’ll find this fete theme is ripe with party possibilities. You can send invitations fashioned in the form of pink slips. Slap an eviction notice on your front door and you’re done decorating.  For entertainment, you usher your guests outside to warm their hands over trashcan fires as you put the finishing touches on your soup kitchen and bread line.  And don’t forget ambiance.  Nothing says you can’t pay the power bill like candlelight.  Next, put on some quality jams.  Pick some real toe-tappers like “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?” “We Got Hard Times Now” and the unforgettable, “Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground)”.  And you can’t toss a party without tossing back the appropriate libations. I suggest Manhattans to adequately toast our Wall Street friends who got us into this mess. Or Rusty Nails, since that’s all that’s going to be left ofthe Rust Belt in the near future. To get things really rocking, try a party game.  “Sing For Your Supper” would sure be in keeping.  And don’t send your guests packing without a party favor. Something simple yet sophisticated, like a tin cup should do.  So, go raise the roof.  (While you still have one over your head.) The economy might not be this bad again for another eighty years.

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