Party Over Here!

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I have a tendency to go into the computer zone and get lost in cyberspace for hours.  Between composing letters, typing minutes, creating outlines, updating the blog, visiting other folks’ blogs and websites, doing research and playing solitaire when I need to veg between projects, I can stay at the computer and not move for hours.  Not moving is not good.

I recently discovered that listening to a music stream on (my husband’s internet radio….) is a good backdrop to either concentrate on my work (especially the “that jazz” stream) or to make me get up and take a dance break (the “sound of the sun” and “hip urban soul” streams).  I can’t ignore James Brown exhorting me to have a “funky good time.”  The beat of that record takes me back to the years of my life when I went out dancing nearly every Saturday night.  Having a 2-4 minute break of dancing, I can then sit back down for another hour or so until the next song comes and makes me have to get up and dance.

Now, don’t think I get up just because I’m in my home office where no one else will see me.  I used to play CDs in the office at my last job and take a dance break every now and then.  (I had a door to my office, luckily, and didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else as I would have had to do in cubicle land.)

Right now, I’m listening to “I Can’t Stop” by the late, great Issac Hayes and hearing “aw-shucks” in that deep Issac Hayes voice makes me have to get up and boogie, or clap my hands and pat my feet.  This office chair is rocking y’all!  “Oooh-weee!” he says.  “Ooooh-weee!” it is for me, too.

Okay, back from the dance break.  Now I can work some more – with my body rejuvenated, my limbs limbered up, head cleared, pulse pumping energy, ideas, and stamina back into me.

Thank you, sweetheart, for this free party that’s always available.  What a great backdrop your music is to my workday!  (And I love hearing your voice every now and then saying, “You’re listening to www dot sun hyphen music dot net.  The sound of the sun.”  Every time I hear that, I blow you a kiss in my mind and pray that your day is going well.)

It’s grand to be able to party and work at the same time!

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