The party is still on and I am sharing ten things about me …

A bit late to the party but still made it somehow and the invitation still open--I hope! With wine, cheese and company … what do I bring? Myself and the ten things least known about me.

Here they are!

  • I do NOT like rats! In fact I am scared of them. There you go! Why you ask … I was bitten by one when I tried to fish it out from a bucket filled with water, thinking it was some black cloth. Duh!
  • I am scared of live cats –photos are okay. My younger one loves cat so much that I have come to civilize with them but I can’t find myself petting them yet.  –The closest I came about was the stuffed ‘cats’. Why? Well … Once I saw a cat peeling a rat’s skin. I think I have that phobia still! But, proud to say that I didn’t pass that phobia on to my girls.
  • I was away from home ever since I was fourteen year old  and I don’t have any regret–But yet, I can’t seem to send my girls away for high school somewhere else.—I am too attached to them!
  • I am a paranoid mom –I do not let my kids walk home nor do I let them sleep over unless I I know the parents well--really well!
  • When I was a teenager, before went to a party, I had to stuff myself first so I could look like other girls --eating less.
  • I have never hated anyone at all in my life.
  • I have never cursed –Yeah .. Never said that ‘S’ or ‘F’ words. –Yeah .. I am weird.
  • I have never owned a bikini before –I know! I am 5-7 and size two! Too shy!
  • I married the first guy that kissed me on my lips:-) –Speaking of love spell!
  • I don’t see eye to eye with sandwiches!

That is all, really! :-)

It was fun!

Journey of Life


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