Passing the Baton in the Relay of Life

Do we ever really leave childhood too far behind? Sure, we enter into adulthood, but do we ever fully embrace it? I always think it’s sad that I associate fun moments, dipping my toes in the ocean or chasing bubbles, with being a child or embracing my inner kid. What about growing up suggests it’s all about responsibility and accountability?

My first thought was to say I entered adulthood the day I paid my own way and made my own decisions, when the effect of both of those fell squarely on my own shoulders. Before then, you are playing at being an adult. Still, becoming an adult should be an extension of our childhood, not leaving it.

When I looked up adult in the dictionary, it simply said, “fully developed and mature.” Wow, I’m thirty-nine years old and I can’t wrap my head around the idea that I’d ever be fully developed, much less mature. Is there a point you reach where you feel there’s nothing left to learn? If so, I’m not sure I want to reach it.

I’m fortunate to have both my parents alive and kicking, teaching me more every day. Do I attain adulthood when they pass? Like taking the baton in the relay of life. If so, I’ll gladly cling to my childhood.

Funny if you really think about it. Children are chomping at the bit to grow up and make their own way, and adults search for ways to reconnect with their youth. It’s embracing where we are, without labels, that’s the hardest part.


Tia Silverthorne Bach

Co-author, Depression Cookies



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