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It's tennis season and I am hooked. Before I became a self employed software consultant-- professional tennis and Washington Redskins football were two of my favorite sports to watch.

That said-- much of my extracurricular television viewing was curtailed by my move to self employment. Today, rather than watching television-- a muted television with either a news, government or business offering is staring at me as I work on one of my many projects.

I have been a self employed software consultant for awhile now-- and these two sports viewing loves were lost in the shuffle, that is- until the French Open this year.

What triggered this renewal with professional tennis? Last year, for my birthday I got a WII Play Station with the Sports CD. I play the WII version of tennis most days for exercise-- which only reminded me of how much I loved watching and playing tennis in the first place.

I learned to play tennis in college. I had two semesters- of tennis and racquetball, part of the required physical ed. coursework I needed to graduate.

Why two semesters? I had a poor grade [D] the first time around-- because as I recall, it was right before or just after a required difficult math course I needed to graduate. I think it was Differential Equations. I simply did not attend-- which today seems really amazing to me.

Anyway-- I grew to love playing both tennis and racquetball [cut-throat], while at the same time- being entertained by McEnore and Borg- in their classic battles.

This year, I watched most of the French Open [Tennis Channel] and Wimbledon [ESPN] -- and I am looking forward to the US Open from New York, in late August.

I have missed watching and playing tennis. That said, is it my imagination or has professional tennis lost some of its audience over the years?

I expected - NBC, ABC or CBS to carry at least the finals of the recent major tournament. I found myself- instead searching my cable guide for the ESPN channel covering the event. I feel today-- even if I had the time to watch everything I wanted to watch, I no longer know how to find the offerings.

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