Passion and Purpose

Inspiration is our ultimate calling—to listen to the highest part of ourselves and reconnect with our Divine source. Each of us has a purpose and a path we can only discover by following those things that inspire and ignite our passion.          -Wayne Dyer

What floats your boat?  What inspires you?  What are your gifts?  Where does your passion lie?

Passion?  Yes it is passion that drives your boat, fuels your voyage and keeps you afloat through all kinds of weather.

You will need to refer to your compass to be sure that you are heading in the right direction.  What direction is that you may ask?

Well what turns you on?  What are you really good at?  What do you choose to do in your free time?

These are all nudges, whispers, that take you right back to passion.

The whispers can get pretty loud if you are overriding them, if you are leaving them in your wake. When I was 19 and in the Faculty of Education I was on my way to be public school teacher.

I spent every spare minute spinning and weaving, and taking weaving classes at night.   I also took interest classes in herbology and  macrobiotic cooking.  I was also practicing Transcendental Meditation twice daily.  Hmmm… what was that all about?  I do get it now.  It did turn around when I started to listen, and listen carefully.

I am pleased that I am now a teacher, a teacher of healers and healing.  Life feels great when I spend a lot of time behind my loom and on my meditation cushion, so things have come around.

When it comes to passion, where are your disconnects?   What are you not honoring?

Here’s your assignment.  Draw a line down the middle of a paper.  On one side brainstorm all of the things you love doing, no judgment or editing, just do a brain dump.  On the other side, put down what you are engaged in, what you do in your day to day life.  You can heave a sigh of relief if the two sides are a pretty good match, if not, examine ways you can align your life with your passions and purpose.  You don’t need to fight against the current, make your life count.

Once you are living in alignment you will be supported, you will shine, and your life will move forward in ways you have never imagined.  Incredible things will happen as you live your purpose and make a difference, to yourself, and the world.

I want to hear where you are on your path to passion.  It can take a while, be patient and make every moment a perfect one.

"Life truly gives us what we need, so we can share it with others."

- Louise Hay


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