A Passion for Posting

I'm still trying to decide what my little blog is going to be when it grows up and must admit that the journey is somewhat addicting. I can honestly say that I have been bitten by the blog bug. I come home from work in the evening and can't wait to check my blog for comments, new followers and plan a post. Blogging is keeping me up at night, but in a good way.

I originally created my blog this summer, but neglected it until a dear friend of mine (Sharon @ View from the Lily Pad) challenged me to start it up again at Christmas which I did. But this time I did my research and tried to figure out what I wanted to write, what inspired me and what fed my passion for writing. At first, I decided I wanted to be a "cottage blog", I experimented with it but changed direction. I find myself gravitating toward the irreverent humor blogs but can only aspire to be as clever as the successful writers in this category. No, my blog falls somewhere in between. I have some funny stories to share and some sad ones too. Hopefully, I will broaden my reach to offer encouragement to readers at some point.

We all write for different reasons and if you explore the blogging community for long enough you start to gain insight. Some of the people in the blogoshpere are givers and some are takers, some have deep roots while others are extremely shallow. In my short life of blogging I have learned that no matter what you write, you have at least put some thought into and gathered up the courage to hit PUBLISH. You have put yourself out there for all the world to see. Maybe that gets easier as you do it more often, but for me, I go into a cold sweat every time I put something on Fanning Flashes. It's even more intimidating to share a link to my site on my personal facebook - my heart palpitates, my palms get clammy and I hold my breath...and then I get that first affirming comment from a friend or two and take a breath.

For now, I am still transforming and I am so very grateful for the followers and visitors to Fanning Flashes and for all of the fabulous writers out there who are willing to share a little piece of themselves through the computer screen. I have learned a lot from some really good ones. A big thank you to Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka - one of the blogs I really admire...she left me one of my first comments and it gave me the confidence to move on. By the way, if you are new to blogging (or even if you aren't) she has a great post on blogging for dummies. Another inspiration came through comments from Lee @ Headaches, Hormones and Hotflashes, a delightful blog with great "roots". When you  are new to blogging, every comment is gold and hearing from one of your blogging heroes - well that is platinum! There are many more really great writers out there - check out my profile for blogs I follow, I think they are all amazing.

I am still a "baby blogger" and have so much to learn. It's important to pause along the journey to acknowledge where you came from, where you are, where you hope to go and say THANK YOU.

With Much Love and Appreciation,

Miss Fanny

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