Passions: Family Foodies: Creating a New Generation of Gourmands

Brought to you by The National Pork Board.

Can you be a busy mom cooking for a family and a “foodie” at the same time? These bloggers answer with a resounding “Yes!” You don’t have to dumb down your cooking just because you have kids. Join these food bloggers to learn how to prepare fresh, healthy, even local and/or organic food for a family without breaking the bank. How do you get your kids to try and enjoy a wider variety of foods? How do you make sure your picky eater doesn’t starve? And finally, how do you use both your own and other blogs to help you research, plan and execute on your goal of being a family foodie?

Join Stefania Pomponi Butler from CityMama, Sarah Caron from Sarah's Cucina Bella and Danielle Wiley from Foodmomiac.