Passions: ROYO - Women and Sports: We like to play. We like to watch. And we want to read and talk about it.

The number of women and girls playing sports is at an all-time high, with almost 94% of all girls aged 6-17 playing sports of some kind. Yet, even thought participation has increased so dramatically, the media coverage of women's athletics has not. The lack of coverage of female athletes and sports in the mass media helps shape the cultural image of them being absorbed by our daughters...that 94% of girls who play. The world of social media brings hope, however, and now female athletes, sportswriters and fans can have a voice. Put together, we can be pretty loud. Who's listening? Join Megan Hueter, Co-Founder of, Sarah Braesch, longtime sportsblogger at BlogHer and Draft Day Suit, and Kelly Mazzante, two-time WNBA Chamption with the Phoenix Mercury, to answer that question.