So this weekend was the first of my internship at a restaurant in my hometown. I get to make the desserts during the day and then at night I plate not only the desserts but the appitizers as well. On Friday I took the train in from Philly to my internship from 2 till closing and I made biscotti dough and what we do is we prep up during the day so that when we open for business we just get the oders in and make the food. For example I plated a mixed green salad with a vinigrette, walnuts and pears so during prep I sliced the pears and put them in a lemon water to prevent them from browning. Also I plate a crab cake so I have to set out the mustard and make pickled cabbage and slice some lemons. Then I also plate a shrimp coctail, a cheese plate where i cut the cheese during prep. Then I finally plate the desserts that I make during the morning and then when im done i just set out the sauces and make the garnished during the day so that at night i can just take them from my station and also in the walkin we have the desserts. So that is what I did on Friday and on Saturday I prepped again as well as baked the biscotti and today Sunday I made a flourless chocolate cake and did the prep again as well as plate. The first two nights I worked with another person but today I got to man the station on my own which was soo cool.

Yesterday I made some whipped cream and today besides the cake I also made a strawberry sauce and a kiwi starfruit sorbet. It was hard to make the sorbet because the ice cream machine is so old plus I never ran a sorbet before so I didnt know what it looked like when it was done so the Chef had to show me what to look for. Another thing I had trouble with was using their old mixer which i had to lift up the bottom of the bowl so that I could mix the bottom of the batter. But I completed it and it looked amazing. The only problem was its a Sunday so there wasn't many customers so noone ordered it. Then when the last customer has ordered we just put everything away and then the next morning we see what needs to be thrown away and needs to be prepped for that day.

I work in the back with four guys so far two are the sauciers and another guy who helps me and then the main Chef who does the meats and fishes. Then we have the dishwasher and the waitresses and bartender in the front. Everyone is so nice and fun which makes the internship so much fun. Another good thing about it is the restaurant is small so its a great place to start out on.

My hw for the week is to decide what I want to make for the desserts for the weekend. I then just email the Chef with the ingredients I need so that he can have someone go out to get what we don't have on hand. Well its time for bed cause every monday mornings I take the bus back to school.

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