Pat Robertson on Alzheimer's and Marriage Vows

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[Editor's Note: Pat Robertson's views on Alzheimer's and marriage vows came as a bit of a surprise to some people. Debutopia's perspective differs from that of Pat Robertson's.

Read her post, watch the video and tell us what you think. - Denise]

The women in my family are not fair-weather friends. My dad died of stroke complications after my mom cared for him for four very long years. She was teaching full time and caring for him during every evening, weekend, and summer break. The word "break" doesn't really describe it, either. It was hard work but she loved him and she did it. She never bailed. My father-in-law died after a painful encounter with multiple myeloma that lasted entirely too long. My mother-in-law stood by his side through those times because she loved him and she did what needed to be done. She never bailed. Pat, pat, pat. That's what they did. Those women patted their dying husbands' hands because they stuck around and they were there to do it.

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