Patch Of Fog..



Patch Of Fog...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I went closer to see what lay behind

The patch of white fog, I wondered if it was a sign

It wasn't very big, nor was it small

It was the size of a person that was tall

I squinted my eyes as my feet took me there

I could almost imagine I saw blonde hair

Are those blue-green eyes I see

Is that a grin smiling back at me?

The fog turned into the shape of a man

Do I see Tommy, oh yes.. I can!

My son has come to visit me

It means so much, can't you see?

Tears fill my eyes, I feel strong emotion in my chest

I am weak, I have to sit down to rest

On the chair close by, before I faint

I want to hold onto him, but... I can't

Tommy, please don't go, please stay

I cried as ... he slowly went away

He came to let me know

That he loved his mama, but.. he had to go

The fog slowly disappeared, left me there

Where it went I know not where

For a moment I saw Tommy

I thought I heard him say... 'I'm Tommy, I want my mommy'

He used to say that as a child

When he did, my face would open up into a smile

How I loved you, my son

My only child... my only one