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Patient bloggers don't just write for fun, sometimes we write for our lives.  We tell our stories, we share are fears, our failures, our successes, because we can find support on the internet, but also because we are not alone.  We speak for thousands of others who quietly suffer with the same physical and mental illnesses and we give them a voice.  We tell stories because they need to be told, because the world needs to know about us.

We need a room of our own because we need to come together as a group, learn how to raise our voices together and make changes in this world.  We need to enact change on a big level to improve the health care in this country, and on a small level as we advocate for best possible care.  We need to dispel myths and long standing assumptions about what we can and cannot do and we need to leave ready to change the world for the better.

This ROYO is about taking what we know, taking the lessons we've learned through months and years of physical, mental and emotional struggles, and turning them into something bigger.  About changing the world so that the children who have or will someday have physical or mental illnesses will not have to go through the same things we have been through.  It's about sharing our stories and getting the word out so that the world can't ever forget about us.