Patriots - Bills Week 17 Prediction

The Patriots go into the final week of the regular season in an odd position. They are fighting for a first round bye but they may already have clinched the two seed before they even kick off just after 4. None the less the Patriots will be looking for a win and here's how I think the game will go.

The Patriots - Bills game will open up similar to how most of their meetings have gone .... sloppy. The tandem of Marcell Dareus and Mario Williams will cause a lot of trouble to start this game, the defense will also attempt to load the middle of the field to stop Edelman and Amendola. Look for the Bills to try and run the ball heavily on offense against a lackluster Patriots run defense. The Bills will look to establish the run and then pass using play actions and deep balls trying to catch the Patriots of guard.

For the Patriots the offense will come out sloppy, attempting to establish the run but once that becomes unsuccessful they will rely heavily on Brady's arm. The defense will load the box daring the Bills to throw the ball deep and to pass outside. Look for Spikes to blow up a few blockers in the backfield to force a cutback and ensuing tackle for loss. The defense will play the run aggressively but will step off on the pass hoping to force the Bills to throw 45 times.

Despite a slow start for both teams and the Bills trying to be spoilers the Patriots pull out the 27-20 victory in a game overshadowed by other playoff scenarios.