Patriots - Broncos Quick Prediction

This week 12 match up will be crucial for both teams involved. The Patriots look to avoid losing 2 straight while also knocking Denver down a notch, and the Broncos will look to supplant themselves as the best team in the NFL. Overall this game is going to be wide open with two elite quarterback with history battling for bragging rights. Both teams will look to pass early and often to neutralize the pass rush and with neither teams secondary being able to handle the opposing offense I think this game will turn into a relative shoot out. Look for Shane Vereen and Demaryius Thomas to have big games offensively. Most likely a mistake will win this game, so if its not Ridley fumbling then look for Manning to have a crucial interception. I have the Patriots winning and the only reason is because the "bend but don't break" mentality  on defense will slow down the Broncos just enough.

Patriots 34 Broncos 31 in a fun back and forth offensive game