Paula Deen? Why Not Blame Winnie the Pooh?

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So Paula Deen has type II diabetes. Big deal. So do 26 million other Americans last time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention checked. And I've read what media outlets are writing—but it's not about the butter. It's one thing for the Huffington Post to publish blanket statements about diabetes being a "major consequence of heavy eating." But the Detroit Free Press? Shame on the editor for allowing a reference that insinuates Deen's diabetes is a result of "high-fat, deep-fried food." Fat is not bad for us. Being fat is bad for us. Yes, a person can reach obesity status by consuming too much fat, and this can lead to diabetes. But the epidemic is so much more complex than just "too much fried chicken, y'all."

As a student of nutrition, I've learned that type II diabetes is a product of obesity, a lack of exercise, too many high sugar carbohydrates (an unbalanced diet), age and the right dose of genetic predisposition. As for the butter, our bodies need fat (mostly healthy) in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Saturated fats are not recommended in high doses by the medical community or even the Food and Drug Administration - but the point is that fat is not a lone culprit, and is healthy when consumed responsibly.

So if we are going to insinuate that a celebrity is at fault for leading the way to an unhealthy America, we may as well blame Winnie the Pooh. After all, he's always got his hand in the honey pot. And excess weight around his middle - the worst spot (especially for women). He has direct access to us when we are young and at our most impressionable. And when do we ever see him go for a jog through the 100 Acre Wood, or play hopscotch with Tigger?

I understand this is a ridiculous comparison. It is meant to be. No one particular person (or bear) in America is to blame for the diabetes epidemic, even indirectly. Likewise, I don't believe any one fast food restaurant is at fault. We are all responsible for ourselves. End of story.

But one more thing. (read on...)

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