Paula Muran shames a rape survior

Looky what new-ager, crystal-sucking, consciousness-raising, purveyor of “emotional sprays”, twatwaffle Paula Muran tweeted to a rape survivor:

Paula Muran is an asshat

Paula Muran’s website claims that she is an “expert at reading energy and patterns in the unconscious mind and nervous system” and that she “ carries the energy of the future that we strive to become. Her energy transmissions miraculously heal, and she provides a loving presence that gives an empowering experience to everyone. In her powerful teachings and insights, a modern method of enlightenment, Paula shows us how to release inner conflicts without a life of meditation.”


Well, since she is so into enlightenment let me enlighten her a little then:


Dear Paula Muran,

Perpetuating the myth/ideology that a woman should be ashamed of being raped and keep it a secret because she was somehow to blame for her own assault is the rankest, lowest common denominator of patriarchy mandated victim blaming. It is rape culture support at its worst. It is repellent. You accused a rape victim of not “letting go of the past” because she stood up and demanded that a “celebrity” serial rapist not be allowed to speak in her community. You chastised her over the fact she refused to be the mute, shamed good-girl rape culture tells her to be. By your act of symbolic punishment (via verbal aggression) toward a rape victim who was resisting  rape culture, you have shown yourself to be a true anal fissure with the enlightenment qualities of a rancid hemorrhoid.

You toss cosmic salad.

Sincerely, Betty Fokker

PS – Fokk you, you vile asshat.