The Pause Between Heartbeats

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I rush to my computer to find I’m being followed on Twitter by Johnny Depp. I’m Twitterpated.

Now I need to write some clever tweets, oh my, the pressure.

So, here we are the day after Thanksgiving, and if you would open our refrigerator you would be met with a mound of silver, that is aluminum foil wrapped packages as big as an Oregon woodpile.  Now the only way to find what is in those packages—you know, left-over turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, relishes, is to plow through the packages. Oh, the pressure of it.

The day before Thanksgiving Daughter and her son made a chocolate dog, just pieces of chocolate put together to resemble a dog. They left it on a plate overnight. Thanksgiving morning I noticed that the dog’s chocolate body was gone. I thought they ate it. They thought husband or I ate it. I do believe a mouse ate it. Happy Thanksgiving mouse.

What shall we talk about today? I have things rattling around in my head—thoughts, like what am I doing here? Isn’t life a fabulous mystery? When did the spark of life that is us begin? Isn’t it incredible that a physical form is enlivened one minute and gone the next—where did it go? Was it always? And will it continue into forever?

These are questions I can’t answer. I saw a documentary this past week that stirred my mind into the comments I am placing here. The documentary was titled, “I AM” by director Tom Shadyac. In one interview Shadyac speaks with a scientist who studies the heart. He stated that the heart has more control over the brain than the other way around. Scientists have tracked the sign-wave (beat) of the heart and they found that when the heart pumps there is a spike on the monitoring screen. Between spikes are small sign-waves. In those small spaces EMOTION can be observed. Anger, pointy peak, calm peaceful emotion, smooth peak. In metaphysical circles I have heard it said that God resides in the pauses. Perhaps here is evidence.

In meditation, God can be found in the silent no thought moments when the mind stops yammering. It is in those moments that God speaks to us.

Shadyac also observed that while we the people have been taught that animals, including us, are in a competitive world with a dog-eat-dog mentality, that is not so. There is more evidence of cooperation than of competition. How about that!

Well, well, well.

Aloha from Joyce

P.S. I have found no other place but Hawaii who has such a beautiful premise under which their society operates. In Hawaii it is Aloha. It means to give without expecting anything in return. The word “Aloha” has come to be a greeting, hello or goodbye, but it is more. In the spirit of Aloha we can gain the wisdom of the wind and water and soil and trees, and when we greet someone with “Aloha,” is it similar to the Indian word Namaste, taken from Sanskrit which essentially means, “The God in me sees the God in you.”

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