If you haven't yet seen the made for TV Movie with all time favorite Angie Dickenson called "Pay It Forward" then surely you've heard about it. Paying It Forward is where you do something nice for someone for no particular reason other than to do it. With this gesture it's assumed they will in their time then Pay It Forward to someone else. This isn't new I remember doing this by helping someone who's car had broke down, and when they offered to pay  for the ride I refused saying  "Do The Same for Someone Else", this was back in the 60's we didn't call it Pay It Forward then, and for some reason it just didn't become a way of life to show kindness for no reason. Even with the TV movie promoting this loving gesture it hasn't. So someone has begun another promotion last month on November 1st...and someone else reminded us of this on another blog  for December 1st. If it's nothing more than paying for the next guys coffee it's a great gift of love and no one needs know you did it.

Lets start our own promotion of this loving gesture of human kindness..We might be surprised at what it does for the world.


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