Pay it forward & etc.

How often do you put someone else before you (not including children, that's a given, hopefully). Everyone has their own problems, their own struggles, and sometimes they just need support or attention. 

I'm a strong believer of karma. What goes around comes around. I have experienced it many different times, good & bad. Help someone and someone will help you. 

I've had people decide to pay for all my groceries at the store, someone pay for my food at McDonald's, and someone just buy me a pack of cigarettes because I didn't have the money to buy any. What do I do now? Pay it forward. Help someone out. And someone will help you. 

Now, I'm not saying every time you go somewhere give someone a dollar or always be that shoulder to cry on... but be there. Life is better if you are a decently good person. I have hope that this crumbling world can rise back up. One person at a time. Everyone needs to think that someone may have it worse. Someone has it better. 

I have moments where I wish I could have that person's life sort that person's wages. Well, someone else looks at me that way as well. Life can be better if you put forth the effort and put others first. 

Also with that, I'm not saying don't take care of yourself. Don't spend your whole check to help someone else out. the economy does suck right now. But while living your life and doing your usual things, budgets, paying bill, Blahblahblah. Give to someone once a month. Let's have hope for humanity and the future. 

I have kids and I believe they can grow up in a good world. It will never be perfect, but it depends on us to make it better. 

- amy elaine <3


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