Pay Per View Does Make Money

The only ones who complain on pay per view, are not receiving enough views to garnish any sort of income. I know many who do very well with pay per view, and I am one of those individuals.

I believe in combining both, selling outright and using pay per view. If someone is not writing ever green content, which is material constantly being searched for, they will fail at pay per view. They might even fail at selling articles outright, because the website will keep an eye on how much it is being viewed, not enough views means they will probably never invest in buying your articles outright again.

Either way, pay per view or selling them outright, being concerned of the views is a MUST. You can not stop being concerned over the views the sites is going to generate by what you write. They will never give you employment again or purchase your articles.

Pay per view is a good learning lesson of what is being viewed and searched for.

In my experience I have found that any technology article is being searched for, sites about women and children, environmental articles, and all evergreen content like Christmas suggestions or Thanksgiving tips.

Keep this in mind when wanting to freelance write, you have to be concerned on views no matter which way you go.

Dawn Gordon, writer for Newsblaze on business and the environment

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