Paying It Forward-A Concept Of Life

Long before Oprah's 'paying it forward' on one of her favorite things to do this holiday season, I've been incorporating the long time belief system that my parents instilled from an early age , simply that the simple act of "sowing seeds" in which we give to those less fortunate without expecting anything in retrun. We give, in essence to offer up hope, relief from worry/stress and just because it is the human and spiritual thing to do... What is given isn't always monetary can consist of  a few hours of your time, listening to others, favors you're asked to do if you're available/agreed upon...volunteering, donating, visiting the sick/elderly/

I'm sure many people have fed the hungry, which could have presented itself in the form of a  friend/relative without without enough monies to get them through until that next could have been that homeless man, woman, child, approaching to ask for monies for food to feed their families, or, to buy a cup of coffee to warm themselves during harshness of winter...Maybe you've just given for the sake of giving. I remember an instance of having given a woman dollars to add to what I knew she already had. She looked at me, smiled & said, "I know what this is- you're sowing seeds."

I grew up in a very large family where we didn't often have enough of the right foods to eat. If it wasn't for my mama's country garden, we would have surely been victims of total hungar. Yet, this woman would somehow find enough extra in our nearly bare pantry to feed an elderly homeless man who roamed the country roads looking for handouts...except on sundays when he'd show up at our doorstep in anticipation of sharing our sparse family dinners...

My mama, a southern spiritual woman, always felt it was better to give than to receive. I've lived my adult life by her standard of true meaning of life, love, happiness. I give because it is the right thing to do, not because of public seasonal displays of caring, but, for the simplicitic/spiritual belief system of reaping what you sow... and spreading the gift that is giving...


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