THERE'S ALWAYS A SILVER LINING SOMEWHERE: how paying it forward works even when your coffee spills & your car crashes


            Yes, I hit Merced’s car. And, while no one in their right mind welcomes an accident, I do welcome the blessing I found in confronting the starring role I played in scraping the side of her Honda.  For, only in confronting it, writing about it, attempting to find one of my “signs” in it did I figure out that my meeting with Merced was a session at the Gym of Life.

            My meeting with Merced was a workout that made me sweat. But, like all good workouts, it also made me stronger for the heavy lifting that may well lie ahead, when some truly Triple A bum break – one that will require a lot more effort, strength, faith and hope to surmount than it takes to get over being stupid and (gulp) once again the kind of driver who really ought to live somewhere like NYC, where there are these things called subways and cabs – careens straight at me.

            And don’t tell me it’s a coincidence that Merced’s name was MERCED. What does Merced mean?

            Look it up.




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