PayPal User Agreement - Beware

PayPal User Agreement - Beware!


At The High-Tech Home, we are always looking for great tech gear though we are also looking out for our readers.  PayPal recently caught our attention with an email we received about changes to the users agreement.  The email we received on Friday, 10/5/12, regarding the PayPal User Agreement notes its plans to change the agreement and strip away users’ legal rights.


Highlights include:

1) You will be required to submit claims against PayPal to binding arbitration.
2) Binding arbitration means no additional challenges if you lose.
3) You give up your legal right to sue or join class action lawsuits against PayPal for any reason!

A portion of the email we received is below. If you are a PayPal member, you likely also received it.

Read the email and PayPal's response at  Their response includes how to opt-out of the agreement!


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