PCOS: Truth and Myth

I will do this in order of Myth then Truth

1. Myth: You have to have cysts to have pcos. Truth: Not all "cysters" have cysts. It is not required for a diagnosis of pcos. 

2. Myth: all pcos sufferers are obese. Truth: Nearly half of pcos sufferers are normal weight or under weight.

I think you get the poing now so I am going to remove the myth truth to make this go a little faster. 

3. You can't have a normal or regular period with pcos. In fact you can, bleeding is just part of your menstrual cycle, so it is completely possible to have a normal cycle. Though some people need help from hormones such as provera (progesterone)

4. Pcos is a reproductive disorder. False, pcos is actually a endocrine disease. In fact, it can cause diabetes, heart disease, even cancer if untreated. 

Remember, these are just a few examples. It's not just about your ovaries, or your menstrual cycle and is so much more than just your fertility status. You can visit ww.1-in-10.org to learn more helpful information. "there is no cure, but there is help. 


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