Peace… is the Greatest Gift of All!


Christmas wish

Have we got the gift we wanted? Maybe not, maybe none – we may mumble; or in delight we jump: we got what we've been wishing for, or more than that. After this, Christmas would be gone; a New Year would spring. Then back to olden days, back to olden ways. The things we got would make us happy --- for a little while. But have you wished one thing… one thing that lasts? One thing that takes an effort of the heart, a struggle of the mind – of understanding your enemy and love them just one bit? A wish for Peace, that’s it. Have you wished for it before Christmas passed us by, and wrapped an enemy with the warmest of your smile and with all the sincerity of your hug and everlasting respect? I did, and I felt good. I might have gotten the material gift I ever wanted, but nothing compares the gift of Peace I got within. Don’t wait for it to come from someone else. Make it and share it before this year ends. Hug an enemy today, and feel the everlasting gift of Peace!

… and hugs to all of those who burgeon with madness for all that I am! May peace dwell to each of us.

How about you fellow momma?  What is your greatest Christmas gift this year?  SHARE SUCH MUSING HERE...

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