Peapod All the Way For This Wisconsin Girl

Two things about me.

1. I hate to leave the house. No, I'm not agoraphobia , I just like being home when we are home. We aren't home often!

2. I loath grocery shopping at the store. Don't get me wrong, once I actually arrive at my destination, I'm ok. I would just rather not go out. Particularly in the winter.

Winters are brutal in Wisconsin. I can't even begin to tell you how cold it feels when the wind is whipping and the actual temp is 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh yes, the snowstorms, yeah. No, I would rather shop from my laptop or smartphone with Peapod.

I love using them when meal planning. As I write the weeks meals out, I have the Peapod site open to add ingredients as I need them. If I'm in the kitchen and realize I'm running low on something, I whip out my phone and add it to the list. Peapod syncs your order across all your devices. How handy is that?

Now just let me tell you how wonderful it is to have your groceries delivered to your breafast bar! Peapod not only delivers to the door, the delivery people put little covers on their shoes and carry my groceries to my kitchen! 

How cool is that? No more carrying heavy bags up the stairs, no more multiple trips to the car to bring everything in.

Peapod does it all.

Yes, I love Peapod!

There's just one thing I'd like to suggest... could the delivery people put the groceries away too? :)

peapod rocks
I love Peapod

~Karen Lynn

ps: does anyone know where I send this contest entry too? 


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