Pearls for Skincare?

Recently, I started using pearl powder.  This old Chinese medicine is exactly what you think it is…it is pearls made into a powder form. There are so many benefits from using pearl powder I don’t know where to start.   A major reason I like to use it is because of the skin benefits. Pearls contain amino acids, microelements, several types of proteins and short peptides and other active factors. You can use it one of two ways: you can ingest it and/or use it topically.

When used topically and/or orally, some of the benefits are improved skin nutrition and metabolism.  This means younger, smoother and clearer skin.  Isn’t that the description of the skin we all strive for?  After using it, I have notice vast improvements in my skin not only on my face but my whole body.  This can be very beneficial for skin issues from having kids.  It enhances your skins ability to regenerate tissues, so you can expect it to heal acne as well.  It has the ability to smooth out skin and reduce dark discolorations.  I like to mix a little in my makeup or face cream.

Another reason people use pearl powder is for the health benefits.  When taken orally by either ingesting the powder or taking it in pill form (a lot of it is sold this way), you can see benefits such as: improved memory, reduce anxiety, cure insomnia, improved eyesight and improved bone metabolism just to name a few (there are many, many more).  I can definitely speak for its ability to cure insomnia.  I used to toss and turn all through the night.  I don’t have the problem at all anymore.  I wake up well rested and ready to take on the day (something I really had trouble with before).  It can also assist in muscle build as well.  I did see a difference in that aspect as well.  To take it orally, you can just add it to water or juice.  I like to add it to my green tea in the mornings/evenings.  Pearl powder also has the ability to detoxify and remove toxins from our bodies.  This is a biggie when trying to get on the road to good health.  If we don’t detox and remove toxins, it can prevent us from reaching our fitness goals.

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