This year's movie was inspired by a simple image taken in Pompeii last summer.



Became this:

The set took a week to build. The volcano was 54" square and 42" tall. The market stalls were made with cardboard, cloth and matchsticks. The Temple of Apollo was built using cardboard, toilet paper rolls and peeps. The movie itself took two full days to shoot and we took 1,428 still photographs. ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT! Between each of those stills, we had to move everything in the shot a tiny bit to create the action that you see.

It was tedious.

It was exhausting.

It was totally worth it.

Without further ado, I present this year's Peep Week finale: Peepeii!

Special thanks to Melissa Hansen, Todd Wardrope and Kristin Swanson for bringing Peepeii to life. Without you, there would have been nothing but a volcano bathed in my tears of frustration.


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