Pelosi and Sharpton - Being Equal-er


It wasn’t that long ago…maybe eight week…when we learned that the Democrats were taking part in a workshop to practice making “race” an issue in this election.


I guess it worked.


Over the weekend I learned that Nancy Pelosi, former (thank God) Speaker of the House of Representatives accuses Republicans of holding Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress not because he is refusing to turn over lawfully subpoenaed documents relative to the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, but rather because Holder is complicating a Republican effort to suppress the vote. Oh. Yeah. It worked alright.


Countless of poorly informed Americans – those clueless many who get their only news from the “main stream media” – actually buy into Pelosi’s straw man. Among the kool-aid drinkers is Al Sharpton who is now calling the Holder contempt vote an attempt to “put us in our place.” Since it is Sharpton saying this foolish thing, and given the fact that Sharpton is a bone fide racist, I guess he thinks it’s about skin color instead of criminal activity too.


Enough, already!


I live in the Deep South where voter fraud is rampant. (Eric Holder is dead wrong when he says voter fraud doesn’t exist. I hereby invite him and his team down to Aberdeen, Mississippi for our next municipal election. I’ll show him dead people voting, people voting who “live” in several precincts and/or cities at the same time. Meanwhile, perhaps you’ll take my word for it.) I live in the Deep South where some – usually the most ignorant and socially poisoned who learned from the likes of Sharpton and his buddy the Reverend Jesse Jackson  - minority members are dissatisfied with the equal treatment I happily offer. People like Sharpton and the radical racists he associates with want only to be “equal-er.”


Here’s the deal. I expect only qualified people to vote. If you are not a citizen or are not eligible to vote for any other reason, I don’t want to see you at the polling place. Furthermore, I happen to have worked very hard to get the voter identification bill passed here in Mississippi. That Eric Holder has to give the citizens of Mississippi his blessing before we can clean up our election process chaps my ample backside.


I expect black people, brown people and pink people all to follow the same laws. Nobody should be treated equal-er than anybody else. I expect to be considered for a job by virtue of my skills and qualifications, not because of my pigmentation. The same considerations ought to be given when selecting scholarship recipients and fellowships. It shouldn’t have a thing to do with color.


Nor should somebody who is obstructing justice be allowed to do so because he has vocal brown friends – or, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, really inane ones.

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