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While reading my many blog friends from Google Reader I had a thought. It is that my bloggy friends are my pen pals. Most don't live close but we communicate via the written word still. Did I ever tell you that I have a pen pal. I have had this pen pal since 1972, yes that is 39 years. OH MY GOSH! I had not realized that. Najam was originally from Pakistan but has lived in Canada for probably 20+ years now. He is married with two beautiful grown daughters. We don't necessarily write often anymore but we are Facebook friends and keep in contact there. I love to write letters and keep in contact with many people with written, hand written letters. My friends may not write back but that is okay, I really don't mind. I think the written letter or note is very special and appreciated. I don't expect a letter back but love it when they do arrive. Actually, I love mail, whether it is the clunk from the mailman dropping mail through the slot or "You've Got Mail", I love mail. When I was a child (amazing where this ramble has gone) I remember saving the box tops off of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal for a Tony The Tiger spoon. Momma helped me put my collection and I think a quarter, as we taped it to a piece of paper, into an envelope and send it off. I checked that mailbox every single day waiting and wondering when the spoon would arrive. When it finally came I was beyond excited. It came in a box and was the most special thing I owned. I don't know what happened to that spoon. Ever since that time I have waited in anticipation for the mail to arrive, even if it is bills. I wait for a card or letter or note from someone and sometimes it happens, out of the blue. My day is complete. One time after a harrowing legal thing I wrote a note of thanks to the lawyer who helped us save our business and our sanity. About 6 months later we had a company Christmas party and invited him to the BBQ lunch. He arrived and gave me a huge bear hug and then produced out of his inside jacket pocket a well handled envelope, the thank you note I had written. He said he had never received a thank you note for his work. He carried that note with him every day. See you can make a difference in a persons life with just a quick note. Do you write letters? Do you or have you ever had a pen pal? Do you ever just write notes for no reason?

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