Pencils and Pancakes

I’m a 26 year old middle school English teacher living in Western New York. What originally started as an exclusive teaching blog has turned into a full-blown blog about all aspects of my life.

I love writing, and was thinking about how to fit it into my daily life more. I want to be able to spend time doing things I love to do, and stop wasting so much time on Facebook or watching mindless TV shows. That’s how this blog came about. I started blogging about different lesson plans and teaching ideas and I wanted to open my blog up to more readers, so I decided to add information on other things I love- like cooking, fitness and even wedding planning!

I’m no expert cook, veteran teacher, or professional fitness trainer- but you can expect to find real-world ideas for cooking on a budget and with a busy schedule, quick and easy workouts and innovative lesson plans for your middle school classroom on this blog. I’m glad you took the time to read all this- thanks for