Pens and Writing

Did you ever write in-between the ruled lines? Or write vertically?

A friend once bought me a Fisher Space Pen that wrote underwater or with its point facing the ceiling. It was purported to be used in outer space—the writing implement of the astronauts. Probably also used by deep sea divers.

For my birthday I received a pen promising to write for seven years —" write two meters a day for seven years" Two meters equal to 78.74016 inches or 6.56168 feet. I gather I could write the average height of a basketball player 365 days for seven years—give or take a week. That's a daunting challenge. And what about handwriting differences? A simple hand vs script with flourishes vs block printing. There's more: crimped writing or sprawled writing.

Remember when you tried to write with the "other" hand?

My fifth grade teacher, an imposing no nonsense shrieking fixture, once accused me of writing on my hand. I tried to explain that the squiggly lines happened when I put my hand down on the paper. After she made me hold up my hand she uttered, "Young ladies do not draw on their hands."

My mistake was asking her, politely, if boys were allowed to draw on their hands. My feminist leanings showed up early. That comment resulted in my writing: I will not draw on my hands 150 times and I will not be impolite 175 times. She placed me in a seat where she could make certain that I didn't write "I" 150 times and then move onto the next word. "That," she said,"would defeat the learning."

Did you ever have a ball point pen leak as you were holding it?

Did you ever keep a five year journal? Starting January 1st I'll be using my Seven Year Pen.




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