"People Don't Eat in January and February!"

Cece changed her routine on this one Saturday morning in January.  For her, that means she woke up without setting her alarm.  She had a quiet morning with no plans or deadlines and just relaxed and did just about nothing.  She did not even eat breakfast!  Mind you!  All of this is highly unusual.  Finally she made her shopping list and ventured forth into what she thought would be complete chaos on a Saturday morning at the grocery store. By then it was about 12 noon.   She braced herself.

When she arrived in the store, she looked around.  Hugh!  It was very calm and restful.  Where were all the people?  Perhaps shopping at 12 noon on a Saturday was another perfect time to shop!  Who knew?  But a part of her did not quite believe this.

She sauntered here and there comparing  prices, not bumping in to frenzied shoppers.  WOW!  This was quite restful…just like 6am shopping is!  HUGH!

Ready to check out, she looked for an opening.  No problems. No lines to speak of at all.  Amazing.

When she was in front of the cashier, Cece asked her, “Is it always this calm and quiet at this time on a Saturday?”    The lady relied, “No, not really. People don’t eat in January or February.”

Cece looked at her like she had 2 heads.  “What do you mean people don’t eat in January and February?  Why is this?   Are they dieting?”

The cashier replied, “No.  They have over spent at Christmas, then they know tax time is coming and they cut back and do not eat!”

Well, that was amazing.  Changing her schedule certainly helped her to learn something new.  She guesses she can sleep in until early March then.

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