People! Flush the Toilet and Clean the Seat After Use!

To the reader, to the squeamish: Please read at your own risk!

How many times I’ve come close to bringing up a good meal at a restaurant because I’ve walked into a stall to find you didn’t flush, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve even at times had to look around to see if I perhaps was on Candid Camera just waiting to catch my reaction for all to see me on TV-land.

People, is it so freakin’ hard to flush the toilet when you are done? Or does it give you some kind of rush to shock the next user? And I don’t see how it would hurt to wipe-down the seat if you’ve left it bloody or smeared with excrement. You are obviously no Picasso that you could hope to be discovered from what smears and imprints you’ve left on the seat. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to walk in to a stall and find the toilet a mess. It is offensive! Didn’t your mama teach you anything? Or perhaps you are the mama not teaching something!

For the love of everything that is holy, people, please, flush the toilet and clean your seat before the next visitor! I am willing to bet that most often there is toilet paper enough you can use to clean, if not, at least, toilet seat covers will do in a pinch. Really!

Only a complete and total moron doesn’t know to use “common courtesy.” So how about practicing a little bit of good manners? It is, after all, what you, too, would expect to receive. But, NO! you were probably in a rush to get back to your meal or movie or awaiting company to care.

The use of a public bathroom is a privilege, a luxury, a great courtesy to us.

In other parts of the world restrooms can be even more scarce than they are here in the U.S. I for one appreciate the public toilet; I really wish others would too!


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